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...A breathtaking panorama!    
Santa Caterina (is loddus) Municipality of Sant'Antioco, is situated in the southwestern Sardinia,
between the Gulf of Palmas and the lagoon of Sant’Antioco, at about the half way point along
the tiny strip of land which connects the fourth Italian island to Sardinia.
It is a well-appreciated destination for its landscape beauty, its rich sedentary and migratory
and for the characteristic hospitality of its inhabitants.
It seems like the
'Residenza Santa Caterina' is in the middle of the sea, thus offering a
breathtaking panorama. From the ‘Residenza’ you can easily reach all the major places of
as well as the most scenic
beaches, the coves of the Sulcis area and the spot
Sa Barra
"Kingdom" of Kitesurfing - Windsurfing - Surfing.

This Sulcis Iglesiente area is one of the most antique lands of Italy, full of surprises, a real
spectacle of uncontaminated nature, a unique corner in the heart of the Mediterranean that holds treasures of great importance. The fascinating  beaches and the sea in the Province of Carbonia-Iglesias add
wild and authentic charm to this holiday destination off the beaten tourist track.

The southwestern Sardinia is wonderful, yet its most beautiful places are the less-known.
No wonder that some photo images (of boats at the sunset and of pink flamingos) of the
tourism promotional campaign’ launched by the Sardinia Region portray just this small
extremely interesting Sulcis area.

                                     Oceania? Asia? America? Africa? Europe? "Sardinia, almost a continent"