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...For the Honeymoon!
After an exciting but often challenging wedding, the idea of the "Honeymoon", unique in its kind, is offered
by the Residenza Santa Caterina,
which, for the occasion, is intended as a "nest" for newlywed couples, where to retreat and enjoy the unforgettable moments and to relax in a pleasant and peaceful place.
The all-inclusive "Honeymoon" includes a floral tribute and two courtesy iPad 2.
On specific request, even the Ryanair flight & car Hertz, a basket with Sardinian products & wines,
breakfast / lunch at the (fish) restaurant "Da Silvana" and/or at the Farm resort "Agrifoglio".

The new original "Honeymoon" is thought to involve Wedding business operators
(also with exclusive contracts)
, interested in adding value to their services and products while offering
the "Honeymoon" as a prize for contest winners or as a courteous homage reserved for the best clients.

Friends and/or relatives of the newlyweds may also choose the "Honeymoon" as an original
wedding gift
to be exploited at will.

, the couples concerned may insert the "Honeymoon" and the wonderful Sardinian
wedding rings by Marrocu Jewelery collection, into their wedding gift list.