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                          ... Special events!            
For centuries, Sardinia is the custodian of a rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. In the area
of Sulcis Iglesiente you can rediscover the beauty and the mystery of traditional events as an intriguing flashback to the past. You will get involved in the events and traditions that reduce the gap between
the old and the modern and will be amazed by original local festivals. Here are some interesting
The Feast of Sant’Antioco dates back to 1519 and takes place on the second Sunday after
Easter, it lasts four days and celebrates the patron saint of the island with the parade of groups in
traditional costumes, accompanied by music, dances, fireworks and concerts. This is one of the oldest
festivals in Sardinia related to a saint.

"Highlights in Sulcis Iglesiente"                                   
"Events in Sardinia at this time"
January (16/17) Fluminimaggiore - Feast of St. Antonio Abate.
March (20) Villarios (Giba) - Feast of St. Joseph.
April (Easter) Iglesias - "Representation of the mysteries"
; (23) Domusnovas - Feast of St. George;
(5 days) Trattalias - S. Mary "The days of the Ascension."
May (1) Santadi - "Celebration of the Mountain"; (2nd Thursday) Carbonia - Feast of St. Pontian;
(3rd Sunday) Siliqua
- Feast of St. James the Apostle; (last Sunday) Guspini - Feast of St.  George;
- Feast of St.  Giorgio; Gonnosfonadica - Procession of Our Lady of Health;
(Last fortnight) Carbonia-Sirri - Feast of St. Lucia; Portoscuso - "Tradizonale slaughter of big tuna."
June (1st Sunday) Villacidro - "Festival of cherries" (13) Arbus - Feast of St. Anthony;
Domusnovas - S. John "Palio on Carru de sa linna"; Fluminimaggiore - S. Anthony of Padua;
Carloforte - Festival of St. Peter; Giba - Feast of St. Peter.
July (2nd Sunday) Iglesias
- Feast of Our Lady of Grace; (26) St. Anna Arresi -  Feast of S. Anna;
(End of month) Teulada - Feast of Our Lady of Carmelo.
August (1st week) Teulada - "Fisherman's Feast"; Villacidro - Feast of St.  Sisinnio; (1 st fortnight)
- "Marriage Sulcis"; Iglesias - "Medieval Historical Parade"; Domusnovas - "Feast of the Assunta"; Portoscuso - Feast at sea of St.Maria of Itria; (22) Arbus - Feast of St. Lussorio; (utime Sunday)
- Feast of St. Joseph; Siliqua - Feast of St. Joseph; Teulada - Feast of St. Susanna.
September (1st Sunday)Santadi
- Feast of St.  Nicola di Bari.
October (27) Iglesias - Feast of Our Lady of Buoncammino .
November (15) Carloforte - "Procession at sea of the Virgin Mary Schiavo"; (1/30) Iglesias - Silver Show
December (1st Sunday) Gonnesa - Feast of St. Barbara.

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